Research shows that teenagers who take a driver’s education class are much safer on the road. This semester-long course will focus on traffic safety education and personal finance through a blended semester developing student independence. The traffic safety education quarter will cover the state requirements for earning a driver’s license in the state of Washington. Students will be required to complete  a minimum of six hours of supervised drives with a certificated driving instructor outside of the school day. Students are required to have a driving permit during or prior to taking this course. The personal finance quarter will cover topics directly related to the details of purchasing and owning an automobile. Topics will include financial decision making, money management, spending and saving, investing, risk management and insurance. Students will need to have a driver’s permit to participate.


Resources and Course Documents:

Heather Steele

Director, Career and Technical Education

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Heidi Soderquist

Administrative Assistant
Traffic Safety Education

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Bree Ammerman

Fleet Specialist

Traffic Safety Education